Exclamatory Sentence 10 Examples In Hindi

Exclamatory Sentence 10 Examples In Hindi

Interrogative sentences in hindi.

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Interrogative Sentence question Interrogative sentences ask a question.

Exclamatory Sentence 10 Examples In Hindi. Exclamatory Words Exclamatory sentences begin with How. How cute he is.

What are examples of exclamation.

Exclamatory Sentences in English Grammar Examples by Rohitexclamatory sentences exclamatory sentences in English grammar.

Doms car is so amazing. Important Gyan क इस सरज म हम आप लग क लए Exclamatory sentence 10 examples in Hindi लकर आए ह ज आप लग क लए कफ महतवपरण सबत हग आप इन Sentences क दख और उसक धयन स. Hah okay now its beautiful.

3 Can you give me your mobile number. Wow you didnt win the exam. Or Come here Hitesh.

Samay samapt ho gya. Take a step and dont move.

Examples of Imperative Sentence Bring me a glass of water. Examples of Exclamatory Sentences. How well she sings.

India won the match. 30 Examples on Interrogative sentences. What a bad man he is.

This video is about exclamatory sentences in Hindi the examples used in this video is very easy to understand or related to day to day life.

3 For gods sake. Examples Ooo are you here. You are such a liar.

Is the king honest. Exclamatory Sentences That Express Strong Emotion.

Give me a pen and a pencil. Meanings of exclamatory sentence in Hindi वसमयदबधक वकय What are 10 imperative examples.

I We You They He She It etc. Woe I missed the service. Dont talk get out.

What are 10 example of exclamatory sentence. What a cute squirrel cub.

How pale your eyes are. How fast they came. Rahul is going to market.

How beautiful this city is. Can you do this. You already bought a new car astonishment Wow.

There are four types of sentences in the English language. How cold your hands are.

Play with intensity and courage. I am extremely sorry for your mistake.

How fast you wrote. Hurray we won the match. Exclamatory Sentence वसमयदबधक वकय ऐस वकय जसम सख-दख आशचरय दय करध आद क भव परकट हत ह उस Exclamatory Sentence वसमयदबधक वकय कहत ह जस- What lovely weather.

Remember me when we are parted. How big your house is. What a fine place it is.

But dont forget what I said.

Exclamatory Sentence in hindi with examples. It is important to know that the exclamation mark should be at the end of sentence not in the middle of the sentence. Click for more detailed meaning of doubtful in Hindi with examples definition pronunciation and example sentences.

1 What is your income. Doubtful meaning in Hindi with examples. Negative Sentences in Hindi.

How thin you are. Never forget the person who loves you. What a wonderful gift.

Following is the list of 10 examples of exclamatory sentences for beginner kids. 10 Exclamatory Sentences Examples 1.

7मझ डसटरब मत कर – Dont disturb me. Ice cream sundaes are my favorite. Sara wipe the board.

How beautiful this city is. Wait that bridge is rotten. Congratulations on your success.

Bharat match jeet gaya.

How intelligent you are. Yes exclamatory sentences can be opened with either How or What How exciting to see you again How wonderful to visit with you again What a beautiful view What large eyes you have Grandma You would not write however How a beautiful house You would write How beautiful your house is Was it really a surprised exclamatory.

2 When is your school. What a coincidence this is.

How tall you are.

20 examples of exclamatory sentences. Please help me now. Does Roshani play in the park.

Declarative Sentence statement Declarative sentences make a statement. Excitement I cant wait to go to Disneyland surprise Oh.

Declarative exclamatory imperative and interrogatory. He is such a kind person.

What are the 4 kinds of sentences with 10 examples. How a beautiful night. How wonderful handwriting he has.

Dont ever touch my phone.

She wore a dress that was so striking. These are the some basic exclamatory sentences that we generally used in personal professional or casual conversation with friends colleagues family strangers.

Interrogative Sentences in Hindi.

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