How To Write A Phone Number On A Resume

How To Write A Phone Number On A Resume

How To Write A Phone Number On A Resume. Maintenance of multiple versions of anything is always difficult, so you might also include both phone number formats on your resume, something like this: It doesn’t really matter how you write your phone number, as long as it is easy to find and easy to read.

Phone numbers on a resume
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No need to think about design details. When it comes to listing your phone number on your resume, there are a number of different formats that are considered acceptable: A resume address example looks as follows:

You Only Need To Include One Phone Number On A Resume.

This really depends on the audience for your resume. Your phone numbers may look like these: You limit the spread of your real phone number and can more or less ensure that any calls to the google voice number are related to your resume.

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You write a phone number on a resume like this: Make sure it is legible with a simple, professional font. If you have a linkedin profile or personal website, include these urls in your contact section as well.

It Doesn’t Really Matter How You Write Your Phone Number, As Long As It Is Easy To Find And Easy To Read.

Create a resume in minutes with professional resume templates. These are the top 20 resources i found about how to write a phone number on a resume. If you are searching for a job, good luck on the hunt!

Most Of The Time, I Like To Use Parenthesis And Hyphens In Phone Numbers.

Use your first and last name or something related to your hobbies, like “@ johnsmithtravels ” or “ johnsmithsays.”. Using parentheses around the area code and adding a dash after the first three digits of your phone number is the most common way to write a phone number on a resume. Customer service positions often require quick response times to customer inquiries via phone, email, or web chat features.

Include Numbers As A Bulleted List Of Items Of Your Job Descriptions.

If you include an address, you need to write a full address on resume. I've created this page to highlight the most recently updated (and useful!) resources for how to write a phone number on a resume. The typical set of numbers seen on older resumes include the home number, work number, and fax number.

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