How To Write Double Major On Resume

How To Write Double Major On Resume

How To Write Double Major On Resume. Here's how to list a minor and major on a resume: Suppose you are a recent graduate or have limited relevant work experience.

How to List a Minor & Major on a Resume (Double Major, Too)
How to List a Minor & Major on a Resume (Double Major, Too) from

Include the words double major in your entry. You should always use reverse chronological order. I hope this is a helpful answer and.

Examples Include Minor In Mathematics, Minor In Psychology And Minor In Accounting.

Formatting the education section in your curriculum vitae is the first thing you need to consider to include a double major. In the educational background section, use the following format to include a double major: Listing your double major on your resume is simple and straightforward.

An Example Would Look Like Line 1 University Of Southampton Line 2 Bsc In Human Resources And Business Management.

Include any minors you might have. Add your gpa if it's above 3.5. Once you have written the degrees, add the majors.

For Instance If You Received A Double Major Do Not Write Bachelor Of Arts.

To make things easier for you, you can make use of a resume builder to create an amazing resume that will land you a job or hire an expert to write the resume for you in a more professional way. Post your anonymized resume for feedback from other community members. In your post, please include the following info:

Name Of The Minor, If Any.

If you have both a b.a. You have some options in terms of how you want to list it. List your degrees in chronological order.

Listing A Double Major In Your Education Section Create An Education Section.

No need to get fancy with this — simply title it education so it stands out and. If your degree is a double major in human resources and business management and youre applying. When listing a double major on a resume, you have the freedom to choose which major to put first.

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