Appraisal Phrases For Employees

Appraisal Phrases For Employees

Appraisal Phrases For Employees. Again, we strongly recommend offering continuous feedback with your team vs. Here is a list of phrases you can use in an employee evaluation, broken down by the following categories:

Performance evaluation phrases for employees
Performance evaluation phrases for employees from

We all know that performance reviews are an important part of employee engagement and help to raise productivity and employee performance across the board. “improved xx by xx%” 19. You consistently met productivity goals 2.

Employee appraisal phrasesSource:

“you are fair and treat every employee in your team equally and respectfully.” c. It seems like the deadlines are always looming, that human resources picks the worst possible time to have performance evaluations, and that you just can’t seem to find the right words for each employee’s performance review.

You’ve Shown Marked Improvement Over Our Last Review In Terms Of Productivity

For example, if you’re conducting a performance review where you want to emphasize your employee’s performance in a certain area, then you would start the meeting by using phrases like “successful”, “admirable”, “impressive”, or “achievement”. Waiting for an annual performance review. “you are fair and treat every employee in your team equally and respectfully.” c.

Here Are Some Phrases That May Help You Recognize Your Employee’s Achievements During Their Performance Reviews:

These appraisal comments and phrases listed above will have a direct effect on your business through increased productivity. X advanced production performance by zz% through [specific task] 5. Strengths of a team player use these sentence stems and qualities with employees:

Dylan Never Sacrifices His Integrity Just To Make Money.

Here are some phrases with the word used very specifically. We’ll continue to update this list of phrases in the future. “she provides employees with the resources and training required to fulfill a responsibility.”

Does Not Demonstrate Mastery Of Basic Concepts In The Role.

Ad build a feedback culture through public praise that recognizes employees' hard work. _____ attention to punctuality has paid off this year, he consistently arrives on time. He is honest and upright about all decisions made.

Teamwork Appraisal Comments Positive Examples You Demonstrate A Strong Ability To Balance A Willingness To Help Others On The Team And Carry Out Of Your Own Direct Responsibilities.

These phrases describe historical performance of employees that have not performed as per expectations. Some final notes to keep in mind: You contributed significantly to the team’s productivity 3.

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